Panel of Construction Experts Hosting a Disaster Preparedness Webinar TOMORROW!

COVID-19 Construction Webinar

In light of the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the world, construction companies need to start developing their response plan, if they haven’t already.  A team of experts has been assembled by construction technologist, Briq, and they will be hosting a webinar TOMORROW, Monday, March 16, 2020.

At 11:00am Pacific time, “The War Room: A Construction Disaster Preparedness Panel” will be led by:

  • Moti Jungreis, Vice Chair and Head of Global Markets, TD Securities

  • Cal Beyer, Vice President, Workforce Risk and Mental Well-being, Cobb Strecker Dunphy Zimmerman (CADZ)

  • James Benham, CEO, JBKnowledge

Jungreis will be discussing the economic outlook and impact on construction on the construction industry to open the webinar.  Following that, Beyer and Benham will discuss the actions your company needs to take right now to put your projects, people, and company in the best position.

The panel will help you navigate your finances, build a real-time response effort, manage risk, and ensure the health and safety of your people, according to the webinar’s registration page.

Following the panel discussion, the phone lines will open up for a Q&A session. Those that can’t make the webinar can still register and they will receive a recording of the discussion to listen to later.

This is an important topic and many contractors are, understandably, unsure of how to handle their businesses operations at this time. If you have any plans or tips that you can share, please let us know if the comments to hopefully help other contractors out!

The War Room: A Construction Disaster Preparedness Panel with James Benham (JBK), Moti Jungreis (TD Securities), and Cal Beyer (CSDZ)

Time: Monday, March 16 at 11:00am PST (2:00pm EST)

Registration Page:

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