Procore Launches Fully Redesigned iPhone and iPad App

 courtesy of Procore

courtesy of Procore

By all accounts, Apple has become the operating system of choice for the construction industry.  According to JBKnowledge’s latest Construction Technology Report, 70% of respondents stated that they used iOS devices in 2017, and iOS was also the most used system in 2015 and 2016. Procore, another tech company that’s a favorite for the industry, has just released a fully redesigned iOS app for both the iPhone and iPad.

Some of the updates to the app include the ability to drag and drop photos and documents, multi-tasking support, and a redesigned tab bar, Drawings, and RFI tools. Procore also announced that they are now an Apple Mobility Partner, which was once a secret program that Apple wouldn’t speak about, but is designed to unite companies with Apple’s software developers and integrators.  That can only mean more good things are to come on the Apple side of the Procore App.

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Another interesting tidbit that was mentioned in Procore’s announcement was the ability for Procore customers to lease customized iOS bundles for their jobsites.  I asked the company about that program and found out that it’s being run by a third party company called PCM.  The program is designed to allow contractors some flexibility with newer devices and maintenance.

As you’ll see in the flyer below, each customized bundles would include a gangbox, 6 to 10 iPads with rugged cases, an integrated charging station, and a flat panel display with Apple TV. I don’t have information on the pricing, but it could be a helpful option to help reduce the headache of managing a large amount of mobile devices on jobsites. PCM hasn’t made it easy to find any more information on the program, so, if you’re interested, your best bet will be to email them at

Procore PCM Digital Construction Job Box.JPG

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