[Infographic] How Real Time Data is Changing the Construction Industry

 courtesy of  Ape Mobile

courtesy of Ape Mobile

The construction industry uses too much paper. Ignoring any environmental impacts that may cause, the continued widespread use of paper in the industry is terrible for productivity and efficiency. Construction companies are burdening their employees with tedious paperwork instead of allowing them to excel at their actual jobs. It also greatly hampers collaboration with other team members or customers.

APE Mobile, a construction app company, recently put together the infographic below, explaining the current state of the industry with regards to labor, budgets, and technology; the problems with the lack of digitizing project data; and how construction technology can help solve those problems.

The problem with not digitizing project data, APE says, is the lack of communication, inconsistencies in paperwork, and a lack of coordination.  Project data can include, for example: daily work reports, pictures, schedules, drawing changes, and budgeting, among others.  If employees don’t have instantaneous access to this data when they need it, cost overruns of costly rework is more likely to occur.

The infographic cites some great articles, but if you’re interested in even more data about construction technology and how contractors are using it, I encourage you to check out JBKnowledge’s latest Construction Technology Survey, as well.

 courtesy of  APE Mobile

courtesy of APE Mobile

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